Whether we are participating in hatching chick eggs and caring for the newborn chicks or planting seeds and participating in their growth cycle, the children are learning with hands on interactive experiences. We can travel through time when dinosaurs roamed the earth as we create murals, make clay fossils, and step the measured length of our favorite reptiles.

 Our goal for our kindergartners is to provide children with a warm, nurturing environment where they can express themselves freely and maximize learning and creativity.  Our low student-teacher ratio allows for plenty of individual attention. 

Our reading program is a phonics based program, filled with printed text and bookmaking.  The children journal regularly and use a handwriting program.

The math program includes interactive games that lay the foundation for math skills.  We build three dimensional structures with toothpicks and marshmallows and use our money skills to purchase grocery items in our food store.

Our full day program allows us to expand our learning day to include a well-rounded curriculum.  We supplement our core program with gym, music, art, computers, cooking, Spanish, and a weekly road trip across America.

Our program includes a field trip and a number of in-house programs. Parents are invited to read in our class and share any special talents.  We always welcome your visits!!!

Kindergarten Curriculum

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