“As a mother of four children, after the craziness of the morning routine, one of my favorite parts of the day is taking my four year old into school at Wesley Hall. He runs into school every single day, so excited to see his friends and find out what his teachers have planned for the day. We are always greeted with smiles and warm good morning wishes from teachers, staff, and other parents and students. I considered the convenience of a drop off system that other schools offer, but I truly enjoy seeing how my son interacts with his teachers and his classmates on a daily basis. I can witness first hand how he spends his day, whether it's a new art project that is on display or if he has a class job that day. The feeling of family and community that Wesley Hall has created welcomes parents to feel comfortable talking with the teachers before or after class, chatting with other parents in the hallways or dropping in the office any time to ask questions or simply to share a funny story. It’s a very personal experience for my whole family.”
~Molly Ferguson

“We had just moved to town when we were looking for a preschool for our first child.   After having visited several local schools, I was immediately impressed by the warm and nurturing feeling I experienced when I walked into Wesley Hall for the first time. After touring the bright, cheerful, spacious classrooms and meeting the fun and loving teachers, I knew it was the perfect fit for our family.  I couldn't be happier with my son's, and now daughter's, experience at WH over the last 2.5 years!  They both have developed a tremendous sense of self-confidence, have made many wonderful friends, and most importantly they LOVE school!!  Each day they are eager to report on their jobs and what they learned in class, as well as the special projects and enrichment programs that only add to their excitement about school.One of the unique features that makes WH such a special place for me as their mom is that daily drop-off and pick-up takes place in their respective classrooms.  This has allowed me to develop close relationships with their teachers and the other families' of their classmates, making me an active part of their school experience.  Not only do I think this has contributed to the best developmental and educational experience possible for my children, but being part of such a fun and supportive community has been wonderful for my entire family.” ~Cathy McKeon

"As a parent looking at preschools for the first time, I was overwhelmed. I asked friends for recommendations on the best schools in the area- and started to research, make calls, set school tours.  The great thing about where we live is there are amazing options for education--- but what was the right choice for my daughters?
From the moment I set foot in Wesley Hall I felt welcome, cared for and warm.  Following my tour I knew Wesley Hall was the place my daughters would go to school.  Both of my daughters currently attend Wesley Hall.  They each started in the 2.5 year old puppy class and have learned and thrived during their time here.  Their love for learning grows daily- I am amazed at what they come home and 'teach' me.  The thing that stands out to most to me is my girls true love of school. They wake up every day and want to go.  They greet their teachers and friends with excessive enthusiasm and beg to stay just a little bit longer at the end of the day. I too enjoy 'going to school' I feel welcomed by the teachers and staff as a part of the Wesley Hall community.  As an added bonus I've made true friends in the other parents. My daughters are learning, growing as good social citizens and thriving overall.  I could not me more thrilled with my choice in preschool."
~Erin Dippold

“My older daughter graduated from Wesley Hall in 2013 and my younger daughter is currently enrolled in the 4 year old program. From the first day of school, I have loved how Wesley Hall makes me feel like a partner with the school and teachers. The open door policy allows me to visit the classroom for holidays, birthdays, to read a story, or simply to observe. Each day when I drop my child off and pick her up, I have a chance to speak with her teachers, the administration, and other parents. Being a partner feels especially rewarding when I can see how the school is instilling the same values we have at home, encouraging respect for others, and following through with positive reinforcement. My daughters both thrived at Wesley Hall and have grown by leaps and bounds, not only in their academic development but in their social and interpersonal skills too. The time we have spent at Wesley Hall has had an immeasurably positive impact on my daughters' lives and has provided a great base for the start of their elementary education.” 
~Danielle Hoey

”I was introduced to Wesley hall through my sister-in-law who had her children in the school and always had a positive experience.  After joining Wesley Hall, I was very impressed with the devotion of the teachers and the compassion they show the children.  It is always reassuring knowing the kids are in a safe and loving environment. 
The programs are well rounded and the curriculum for each grade is age appropriate.  The full day Kindergarten class has surpassed any expectations I had for my children and it without a doubt prepares your child for first grade and beyond. 
Wesley Hall is a wonderful introduction for new families to experience a warm, loving and encouraging environment.”
~​Jennifer Carew

I was first introduced to Wesley Hall Nursery School by family friends when my oldest daughter was only 13 months old and we attended an infant playgroup in the building.   There was no doubt that my husband and I would be sending our children here once they were old enough.  The teachers and staff at the school made us feel so welcome before my daughter was even enrolled and the feeling has not changed since – 4 and half years later!  Currently, our oldest daughter is in her third year in the 4 year old class and our youngest is in the 2 ½ year old class for her first year of school.  It is amazing to see the progression that each child has made in her time at Wesley Hall.  My little one asks me every day if it time to go to “Puppy school!”  Both of our girls have flourished here and we could not be happier with Wesley Hall’s nurturing environment and sense of community. ~Erin Palian

Looking for a preschool for the first time makes any parent overwhelmed. I was not that parent who did research or asked around for the best preschools. Instead I was able to get the inside scoop from one of the many teachers at Wesley Hall. The moment I walked into Wesley Hall and heard children learning their ABCs, laughing and dancing along to music, I knew this was the place for my son. I enjoy being able to talk to other parents and his teachers when I drop him off and pick him up.  I was a little scared to send my two year old off to a place he has never seen, but I knew I had to. Since English is not his first language, I was worried that he would not understand his teachers and his new friends. The teachers all said children are like sponges and sure enough he did great and continues to do great!  I could not have asked for a more wonderful staff at Wesley Hall. He comes home telling me stories of what he learned and what they made. I see a glow in my son's eyes when he goes to school and that is because of the staff at Wesley Hall.
~​Marianne Scotto

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